The College of Information Technology held a seminar on June 25, 2018, to train students on the foundations of scientific research, as training presentations were given to sixth-semester students in the scientific research methods course, which included training on conducting research, papers and scientific articles and presenting them in the presentation and scientific posters. posters or power point.

It is noteworthy that the College of Information Technology grants a bachelor’s degree in this specialization, and the study is organized in the form of semesters, so that every academic year includes two semesters: the first is the fall semester and the second is the spring semester and each semester consists of (16) sixteen weeks, including: This is two weeks for the end-of-semester exams, according to the study program prepared by the college that follows the dates of lectures and scientific sessions, with the addition of a third semester “summer semester” if the college so deems that, provided that the study period to meet the graduation requirements does not exceed eight semesters (4 years) A minimum of ten semesters (5 years) as a maximum, with the exception of semesters in which the student is allowed to suspend enrollment.