Faculty of Information Technology

Academic Agenda

Fall 2019-2020




Beginning of registrationSaturday28/09/2019
Beginning of the studySaturday12/10/2019
Deadline for dropping and addedThursday24/10/2019
Deadline for withdrawalThursday26/12/2019
End of the lecturesThursday23/01/2020
Beginning of the final examsSaturday25/01/2020
End of the examsThursday06/02/2020
Projects deliveryThursday20/02/2020
Beginning of project discussionsSaturday22/02/2020

Spring 2019-2020

ActivityDay Date
Beginning of registrationSaturday07/03/2020
Beginning of the studySaturday21/03/2020
Ramadan and Aid Holiday09/05/2020 to 29/05/2020
Study resumeSaturday30/05/2020
End of the lecturesThursday23/07/2020
Beginning of the final examsSaturday08/08/2020
End of the examsSunday16/08/2020
Projects deliveryMonday28/09/2020
Beginning of project discussionsSaturday03/10/2020