• Signing a strategic partnership agreement between the technology System Development TSD Company and the Libyan International Medical University.

  • On Thursday, 04 March 2014, a strategic partnership agreement was signed between the TSD Company and the Libyan International Medical University, given the depth and great development that this partnership could create for medical information management systems, at all medical levels, whether in the subject of Training, or on the application of integrated medical systems operating in various health institutions, and it has the right to issue international certificates accredited in the field of Training on medical information management systems through its international partners.Given that the University is specialized in medical sciences, and it has a prestigious academic standing, whether in medical teaching, or in providing specialized training courses through the establishment of effective and sustainable programs in close cooperation with official and private agencies to contribute to preparing Libyan youth to be productive and effective citizens in their societies.

    In the desire of the two parties to tighten cooperation between them and to benefit from the services provided by each team to achieve the common goals that serve the development of medical information management systems and local and international Training on them, it has been agreed on cooperation and understanding in several items, including:

    – Creating an effective strategic company whose aim is to cooperate in the field of development and Training in the field of medical information management systems. This is through the use of information technology in health institutions (represented in integrated medical systems produced by the first party) and directed to hospitals, primary health centers, group clinics or private clinics, and making the most of what information technology tends to raise the services of the public and private health sector and integrate And strengthening the experiences of graduate students.

  • Signing a cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Information Technology, Libyan International Medical University, and Tatweer Research Company for.

A ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Tatweer Research Company (Sunday 27/03/2016) for signing the Memorandum of Understanding with the College of Information Technology at the Libyan International Medical University. As part of the University’s keenness and the Tatweer research Company to promote the concept of partnership in the field of technical studies and research, and building the capacities of young graduates Libyan universities. Tatweer Research was represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Khaled Al-Mufti. In contrast, the Faculty of Information Technology at the Libyan International Medical University was represented by the Faculty Dean, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Tawil.

The memorandum of understanding included holding conferences, seminars, and seminars periodically to find out the latest developments in the field of advanced technology, developing curricula, preparing graduate students for the labor market through the training and practical qualification, and directing graduation projects to provide practical solutions to the problems that society suffers.

The memorandum also addressed the need to expand the scope of joint information exchange with international and international parties, with an emphasis on increasing the interaction of faculty members with their counterparts in the world’s leading universities in the field of information technology.

It is noteworthy that Tatweer Research is affiliated with the Libyan Fund for Investment and Internal Development and works on many strategic programs aimed at building young capacities to be the main engine of the knowledge economy in Libya despite the harsh conditions the country is going through.