The first scientific day of the IT faculty

On Saturday morning, 10/3/2020, the faculty of Information Technology organized its first scientific day with an on-line system, and all the events were shown on the Libyan International University for Medical Sciences channel on Youtube.

The day included many scientific activities and events such as lectures and presentations of research papers and distinguished graduation projects for students in the faculty.

The dean of the faculty, Prof. Tawfiq Al-Tawil, graciously gave a speech in which he pointed out the importance of such scientific activities, given the successive developments in information technology.


Dr. Imran Al-Shaibi with a lecture on Block Chain.

Dr. Fahim Boukhtouh with a lecture on Data Encryption.

In addition, a number of offers for distinguished students and graduates were presented, namely:

  1. E. Nada Salem Ashtiwi – Department of Software Engineering
  2. E. Malik Abdullah Al-Tawati _ Department of Networks
  3. E. Jinan Adel Al Tawati – Department of Software Engineering
  4. E. Kaereea Shukry Al-Trabelsi – Department of Software Engineering
  5. E. Ali Balras Ali _ Department of Networks
  6. E. Mufid Al-Tajouri _ Health Informatics Department.
  7. E. Maryam Ibrahim Farkash – Department of Software Engineering
  8. E. Aynwar Tariq Al-Dorsi – Department of Health Informatics